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This amazing bundle contains over 1,000 ELL Newcomer printables and activities-including 242 vocabulary cards. It is a bundle of Little Language Learners’ best Newcomer resources: ESL Newcomer Vocabulary Cards, Newcomers: Beginner Level Work and Academic Assessment, ELL Newcomer Autobiography, ELL Memory Book, Early Primary Writing Rubrics, Neighborhood Places, and Five Senses. Spanish versions are included for dual language classrooms! This bundle is an essential component for any ESL curriculum.  It is offered at the bundled price at only $35.00 per license. Administrators, this will be a valued resource for teachers who need materials for newly arrived ELLs.


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Here are complete previews and descriptions of each unit included in the bundle. Click on covers.




ELL Newcomers-Beginner Level Work and Academic Assessment. ESL Newcomers arrive throughout the school year. Often they are academically and linguistically behind their ESL and General Ed. peers. It is frustrating for both the teacher and the ESL Newcomer student in the first few weeks. The student is trying to assimilate into a new culture and school environment without knowing the language. The teacher has the task of addressing the various language acquisition levels of her class and attend to the complex needs of her ” ESL Newcomer” student. This unit was designed to make the first few weeks of this orientation period easier for both the student and the teacher. School items, people, colors, and numbers are some of the survival English vocabulary that is addressed in this unit. Portrait templates for school specialty teachers, nurse, classroom teacher and principal are available. Direct Instruction vocabulary cards with scripts that foster conversation skills are provided. This will help introduce a frightened ESL Newcomer to their new school environment and teachers. Many ESL Newcomers may not have had formal education (refugees) in their home country-leaving them far behind their school age peers. Seat work and activities are provided. A quick academic assessment is also available. It will give you a baseline of what the child knows and what level to start planning lessons that will attend to his/her needs.
This unit is designed for K-1 general and ESL students. The work is appropriate for newcomers K-5 who have had no formal schooling. (ie: an upper primary child that has no reading or writing skills in their native language.)Many upper primary ESL teachers have asked for beginner work for their newly arrived refugee learners.


ESL teachers will love this kit! This vocabulary kit is an essential resource for ELL Newcomers. It is an integral part of any language development program for both ELL and General Education learners. The cards were designed to develop growth in vocabulary that is essential for functioning in everyday social and academic situations. On the back of each card is a direct instruction script. The scripts follow a repetitive pattern to allow the children to internalize the vocabulary. Extension questions and dialogue to foster conversation skills and teach facts about the words’ subject is provided. A teacher, paraprofessional, or a peer tutor can use the vocabulary cards. There are 242 cards in this kit. The topics of this kit were carefully selected. These cards are not just simply run of the mill picture cards. It is a set that was designed particularly for the development of language skills of the early primary child or the ELL Newcomer student. These cards are a lifesaver for a teacher of any grade that has an ELL newcomer enter their room as a late arrival. This set can be considered survival vocabulary for a new student to this country. It is a must have resource for any ESL teacher. The cards are designed for easy handling and storage. Photocopy the scripts onto the back and laminate. You will use these cards for your entire teaching career. A great investment at a low cost.

The topics of the cards are:

Action Words
Letters and Sounds
Shapes and Numbers
Parts of the Body
Family Names
School Things
School Staff


This is a wonderful resource to help an ELL Newcomer introduce themselves to their new classmates. It is designed so that even newcomers with no English skills are able to communicate facts about themselves. Help your newcomer students break the ice with their new American or Canadian peers with this autobiography. Clip art is provided to help decorate the autobiography.




My First Year in America Memory Book helps your newcomer students celebrate their first year living and learning in a new culture. This memory book is designed to address the levels of the early stages of language acquisition. It offers opportunities for the child to express themselves trhough drawing and writing with differentiated templates. The first year in a new country and learning a new language is a powerful lifetime experience. This project will become a cherished keepsake. It will also show the child how much they have learned and experienced in their new country. I have created this memory book because I could not find one that met the needs of ELL learners. This project attends to the WIDA standards for ELLS. It includes clip art for the children to decorate their project like a scrapbook. A newcomer has a year of first experiences in a new culture. Many children from other countries have never experienced seasons or traditional American holidays. This memory book allows the child to remember and celebrate their first American Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other first cultural events and new relationships.



This product is the K-1 writing rubric in “kid speak”. Post these rubrics in your class with an example for each level. These rubrics will help your students see what level of writing they are at, where they developed from and where they need to be to attain the next level of writing growth.

 Neighborhood Places and People 

ESL, Dual Language, and General Ed. teachers will love this product! Neighborhood places are explored in this thematic unit. Your students will become familiar with the concepts and vocabulary of the neighborhood setting. Community helpers and the jobs that they do are also taught in this unit. The children will develop their skills in writing, phonemic awareness, math, sight words, and story sequencing through the neighborhood theme. Neighborhood and community poems, label books, writing templates, scaffolded writing templates, word matches, sight word trace/search activities, five senses writing prompt, addition practice, number recognition, phonemic sound fluency practice, cloze sentences are just some off the skills that are targeted in this beautifully designed unit. Here are some of the items found in this thematic unit:



Neighborhood and Community Helpers Preview






                                            My Family Friends and Me!


                             My Family Friends and Me!  Preview


Family, Friends and Me!

“Family, Friends and Me” is a great thematic unit to build upon the prior knowledge your students have about themselves and the people in their lives. In this unit the children will deepen and extend their knowledge about family members, their friends, feelings, and their five senses. These are great topics you can use to develop their writing skills. Children learn to write best when they are composing stories about concepts they really understand. Vocabulary and concepts will be taught and explored with beautifully designed detailed resources. The unit is aligned to CCSS/WIDA. Poems are used to teach the concepts and vocabulary of this unit. Each poem has an activity with complementing illustrations. Here are some examples of what you will find in this wonderfully designed packet:

Goldilocks, Goldilocks Story Poem and Activity (To help teach the five senses)

Direct Instruction Vocabulary/Conversation Building Cards for Body Parts and Feelings

Baby Bear color words activity sheet
Various math worksheets with family theme
Family Wordbook
Five Senses Wordbook
Family word match
Unit Work Folder
Feelings Poem and activity
Family Poem and activity
Brother Poem and activity
Sister Poem and Activity
Friend Poem and Activity
Grandparent Poem and Activity
Five Senses Journal
Writing templates for family and friends
Portrait templates for family members and friends.
And much more!!!



Vocabulary Desk Reference Preview

Vocabulary Desk Reference
The Vocabulary Desk Reference is an integral support for early primary ESL, General Ed. and Special Needs students. ELL Newcomers will find this desk reference a great assistance to help them assimilate into their new academic and social environment. This resource displays the most common words that revolve around daily educational and personal survival skills. Here are the vocabulary topics that are displayed on the desk reference for easy visual access.

School Things
Personal Data
Days of the Week
Months of the Year
Common Foods
Body Parts
Ordinal Numbers
Weather and Seasons
Action Words
Neighborhood Places/Community Helpers
Position Words

There is also an alphabet letter sound chart that is stored in one of the pockets of the folder. There are two versions-English and Spanish. Dual Language teachers attach both to the front and back of a sheet of cardstock paper.

There are also three little reference books that are also housed in the desk reference folders. The Survival Phrase little flip book is filled with sentences an ELL Newcomer would need to know to be able to function and learn in their new academic setting. There is an English/Spanish version of this little flipbook for Dual Language students.
There are also a money and time vocabulary flipbooks.




The following teacher supports are also included in the bundle:


Framework for Lesson Planning Support

A detailed framework is provided to help you unpack this kit and plan three months of instruction for your ELL Newcomers.

Seven Tips for Teaching ELL Newcomers

This article provides seven tips for dealing with frightened a Newcomer in the first few weeks of school. These first few days are crucial to the success of their assimilation process. These seven tips will help you ease fears, build a relationship and meet the most challenging needs of your new student and their family.