Chinese/English Language Development Kit

The Chinese/English

Language Development Kit

                          Traditional and Simplified Versions

The Chinese/English kit is available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions. There is a mix of previews from both kits below.  Click on the unit titles for links to see previews of each unit.  There are over 2,500 beautiful and engaging activities and printables designed to build language  and literacy skills in both languages.  The Chinese Simplified and Traditional kits include all the items in the English Language Development kit!  Check it on the English Kit page on this website. There you will find all the information on what is included in English for this Dual Language Kit.


Simplified and Traditional Chinese/English

Dual Language Development Kits

♥Little Language Learners’ Dual Language Kits are differentiated for all the early primary levels of English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese language proficiency levels.

♦The Dual Language kits include all the items that are in the Little Language Learners English Language Development Kit!

♣ Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) versions of the core activities are in the Dual Language Kits. There are more than 2,500 printables and activities!

♥ Frameworks for each thematic unit are provided to help guide teachers in lesson planning and delivery.  Lesson planning templates are also provided.

Building Foundations 


Preview for The First Four Weeks of School


Vocabulary and Conversation Development Cards


Social Studies



Dual Language “My Family, Friends and Me!”


Neighborhood and Community Literacy and Social Studies Unit



Weather and Four Seasons Literacy and Science Unit 


Plants Literacy and Science Thematic Unit


Insect Literacy and Science Unit


Fish and Sea Life Literacy and Science Unit


Food Literacy and Science Thematic Unit

Slide1Writing and Reading Rubrics  

Fairy Tales: Basic Literacy Skills


Fairy Tales Basic Literacy Skills Development



                  Valentine’s Literacy and Math Thematic Unit



             Season of Light Literacy and Math Thematic Unit




                   Halloween Literacy and Math Thematic Unit




          Thanksgiving Literacy and Math Thematic Unit



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Differentiated for all CLP (Chinese Language Proficiency Levels) in the early primary grades!