Examples of Differentiated DL Chinese Resources

Little Language Learners’ resources provides instructors with the materials to teach grade level content to various student proficiency levels. Here is an example from the Early Primary unit on plants. The printables below can be used when teaching about the life cycle of plants.


This template can be given to students who are on the entering proficiency level. The students are being exposed to the content’s topic and its concepts and vocabulary.






The following template can be completed by a student on the developing level of language proficiency.







The template below is designed for students whose language proficiency is on the expanding level. The students are able to read the description and are given a picture cue to help them demonstrate their understanding of the concept. This scaffolded template is also available in black and white for coloring.






This activity is for students that are reaching the highest level of proficiency. They read grade level text and demonstrate knowledge of the concept by cutting and pasting the answer into the appropriate phase of the cycle.